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ArcherZUpshot Archery Scoring App
“ArcherZUpshot is THE BEST PLOTTING AND COMPLETE ARCHERY SCORING APP I have seen. I love it, and it makes me a better archer."

“ArcherZUpshot is A WHOLE NEW KIND OF ARROW PLOTTING SOFTWARE. It allows me to track my performances both in and out of competition over time. I like the instant feedback of the Group Analysis as well as the monitoring of scores with visual feedback on tracking. Definitely a “must” download!”

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ArcherZUpshot Archery Scoring AppArcherZUpshot Archery Scoring App

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Place Arrows Fast! Zoom for the most accurate placement available in any archery app. Find your best (and worst) arrows with Numbered Arrows; Score with Target Face or Scorecard!



See the Center of your Groups – Adjust Sight or Aim Off to hit Gold! Get Better Competition Results with Target Plots of Specific Arrows; Watch Your Groups get smaller over time!



Huge Selection of Standard Rounds! Target, Field and 3D; American, British, Australian, Canadian, more – make Your own Custom Rounds or send us YOUR Round!


Journal (2)

Track Your Exercising, Practice, Changes (Nutrition, Mental Training, Gear and Equipment, absolutely anything!), Blank Bale and Unscored Shot Counts – all without a notebook!


Analysis (2)

See your performance over time, across Ends, with different gear or bow metrics, in practice vs. competition, before and after Changes – Learn what works best for YOU!


Equipment (2)

Enter your bows and arrow setups; track your bow metrics with numbers AND photos; relate your performance to your equipment and your setup metrics!


chat (2)

Connect with your friends – anywhere on the planet! – and shoot a match together in real time! Chat in-app or connect with your Coach using the AZUCloud!



Translated into Spanish and French – additional languages coming in the future! (Want to be an AZU Translator? Get in touch!)

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ArcherZUpshot Archery Scoring AppArcherZUpshot Archery Scoring App

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