Archery Scoring App

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for Serious Archers at All Levels

Archery Scoring App

Archery Scoring App


For TARGET, FIELD and 3D Archery

ArcherZUpshot is indispensable for the analysis and improvement of your performance!


What ArcherZUpshot Does For YOU

  • Keeps Your Score using  Target Face Placement or Scorecard
  • See Target Face Easily with AutoZoom
  • Reposition misplaced arrows with ease
  • See Your Groupings Instantly with Cluster Analysis
  • Document Your Success with Integrated Camera
  • Share Your Success with Integrated Email, Facebook and Twitter!
  • Supports all standard TARGET and FIELD Rounds
  • Supports standard ASA, IBO and WA 3D Rounds
  • Create your own Custom Rounds - & save for re-use!
  • Saves all your Events and Shot Data for reviewArchery Scoring App
  • Supports all standard Target Faces
  • Maintains multiple Bows and Quivers (arrow sets)
  • Maintains Sight Marks for each Bow
  • Email Shot Data in .CSV format for export to spreadsheet
  • Integrated Timer for tournament practice
  • Comes loaded with deletable Sample Events to demonstrate how the app works
  • Available in ENGLISH and SPANISH; other translations in progress
  • Available for iPhone, iPad and Android PHONES and TABLETS

But the best part is..

Archery Scoring App


  • Customizable Analysis of all your performance metrics!
  • “BASIC ANALYSIS” shows you how you are doing…
  • “ADVANCED ANALYSIS” gives you the tools to improve!
  • Compare your performance Before vs. After Changes in equipment or form
  • Compare your performance in Practice vs. Competition in the same Round type
  • Use Numbered Arrows to evaluate Individual Arrow Performance
  • Target Face Plots show your groupings, by Round, by specific Arrow or by End!
  • Easy-to-read Bar Graphs track your progress
  • And so much more!!

Archery Scoring App

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All the best Target Archers are using ArcherZUpshot!

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  1. Might I suggest including scoring for ASA/IBO 3D targets, too?

  2. Excellent suggestion, Chris! We are looking for feedback from the Field Archery and Hunting communities. If enough people want this, we will build it in. Tell your friends to comment here also if they’d like to see that!

  3. This app could be a big for 3D Archers here in the US as it is for Target Archers worldwide. Scoring for ASA and IBO 3D targets with statistical analysis that would incorporate distance estimated vs. actual distance, animal type (med.deer, javelina, etc.), shaded/sunlit, up/down/side hill shots, etc. would be extremely helpful in spotting weaknesses in any 3D archer’s game.

  4. Rob, we agree completely! We’ve already received enough feedback from the 3D community to put 3D support on the “coming features” list. It is a tougher nut to crack than round, flat target faces – but Marc didn’t get a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence for nothing!

  5. I understand this is an analysis tool but when is someone (who has the knowhow unlike moi) going to come up with a score programme that takes 4 archers scores?

    • Bill, thanks for asking that. It’s been on our minds too.

      We’ve had several requests for multiple shooter support, enough that we are already looking at incorporating that ability into ArcherZUpshot some short time after its initial debut.

      The question is not as easy as it might sound. We have been noodling on what multiple shooter support would look like — is this for a family of four shooting informally on weekends? An archery coach with a list of students? A local club with a small tournament?

      Bill, what is the particular use case you would like that ability for? Your feedback might end up getting you exactly what you want! (We do “aim” to please!)

      • I’ve been searching thru the other available iPhone apps for a scoring app that supports multiple shooters AND 3D scoring. I am the father of a 7-person family. 5 of of the 7 shoot at 3D tournaments for fun on weekends all over the western US. I would pay up to $20 for an app that fit my family’s scoring needs well. :)

  6. Hmm well it can’t be used for tournaments in the UK so I’m looking for something to record club shooting day scores especially when the weather is a bit damp (as it is soooooo often here).

  7. We’re a small club with a nucleus of about 16 regular shooters we try to ensure that all FITA and GNAS rounds are shot throughout the year both indoors and out plus we shoot a round called PAA (which I think is american) indoors on a black & white face.

    • That’s a lot of shooting! So…. were you looking for 4 scores because typically that would be a single scoring group for you? Four people scoring each other? I want to be sure we understand the use case exactly.

      Got another question for you: you mentioned you can’t use apps in tournaments in the UK. Is that anywhere within the tournament venue, or just at the shooting line?


      • yes basically I would be using it for 4 people club shooting. The use in tournaments i was refering to was ‘officially.’ You could use it for personal use but you can’t use to it to record scores for the tournament.

  8. A few questions from an archery coach here :). Is there a way for archer to record data relating to environment/personal info. Things such as energy levels, focus levels, weather, etc for each round/distance scored. Also is there ability within the data analysis to see visual graphs or reports on the long term progress of scores for each distance?

    • Hi Angie, thanks for asking!
      The initial release has free-form “comment” fields for any personal notations we have not yet provided fields for. The comment fields do not feed into the statistical analysis part of the app — however, we are already at work figuring out how to add such “personal data” fields into the program. (The difficulty, of course, is mathematical quantification — but Marc being the Genius Math Geek that he is, will get that figured out. It won’t be in the first release, though.)

      We are also considering a “AZU Coach” version of the app, which would include support for multiple students as well as the ability to deal with some of the non-archery needs of a coach — fundraiser records, whatever. I am actively looking for coaches who can give me input as to what that app should look like, what it would need to contain.

      **** If you would like to contact me directly with your Wish List for an Archery Coach app, please email me at *******

      The initial release already has visual graphs AND reports on the progress of scores over different distances, and tons more ways to view your data. All you have to do is ask the question! (and if I can brag here, I think Marc has made the graphs very easy to read and understand, as well as being visually appealing.)

      Thanks again!

  9. hello!
    me too!!
    Might I suggest including scoring for 3D targets!
    thank you
    very good aplication

  10. Looking forward to the 3D being added :-D

    Are you looking at using on-board gps/gyroscopes for collecting data for field archery (whether target or 3D)? Inclination could be a handy one to measure.

    I shoot traditional so is it still possible to use the app with partial data? (No sighting points, counterbalances etc…)

    [UK based field archer]

    • Hi, Gavin,

      You’ve suggested some terrific ideas! We hadn’t looked at gps or gyroscopes yet — but it’s on the Look At list now!

      It is absolutely possible to use the app with partial data. Since the analysis is results-based (you can ask questions based on the metadata attached to your shots), you can input as much or as little data as you like, or only what you think is relevant to your use.

      At the very least, if you change any part of your shot technique or equipment, you can compare your results before and after the change. It’s amazing what numbers will tell us that we just don’t see otherwise! And you probably shoot at different distances, in different surroundings, at different times of day — you’ll still be able to analyze all of that.

      Cheers, and thanks so much for the suggestions!

      Newbie Archer Girl

  11. I am a JOAD coach and think incorporating the JOAD award scale to the application would be a nice touch this would be a 30 arrow round with achievement pins for scores and distance.

  12. This looks like a really neat app. Is it going to be a Free app with a Pro that you pay for?

    • That’s the plan! The free version will have all the scoring and data storage capability, integrated camera and so on, as well as some basic analytics; the Pro version will have the really robust analytics that will help you see what you are doing that works and what doesn’t. The in-app purchase for the Pro version will cost less than a single arrow — pretty much a no-brainer for any true archer. We hope you’ll like it!

  13. Very nice app thus far guys.  Two thumbs up.
    Is there any chance you will incorporate any kind of blank bale training into the app?

      Monday 10 March 2014, 9:16 am

      HI Tom! Sorry about the delay in replying – I missed this — totally MY BAD!

      To answer your question, ABSO-TOTAL-LUTELY. In fact, it will appear in the next release! We are building the beginnings of an integrated training log. It will include the ability to keep track of how many blank bale shots you’re taking, as well as possibly other, not-directly-archery training, such as minutes of cardio, weights, flexibility, or whatever you want to track. Our first version of this will be very elementary, and we’ll polish it as we see what people tell us they want in it. But right off the bat, there’ll be a spot to record how many blank bale shots you made on any given day.

      Great minds think alike!! ;)

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